Criminal Defense Team

  At Herrick & Hart, we have experienced criminal defense attorneys.  Brian Wright is a former District Attorney of Eau Claire County.  Richard Eaton is a former Assistant District Attorney in Rusk County.  Jay Heit was certified by the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office for both Homicides at the Trial and Appellate Levels.  Dave Rice […]

National Safety council releases new driving statistics

Many individuals are aware that both distracted driving and drunk driving are responsible for a high number of motor vehicle accidents.  The National Safety Council recently released some new safety statistics regarding both of these dangerous activities. Some of the new statistics that were reported include: Motor vehicle accidents remained the number one cause of […]

An Organization for Justice

The Wisconsin Association of Justice is an organization of lawyers which promotes a fair and effective justice system for consumers and plaintiffs.  The Association also publishes the quarterly publication The Verdict.  The Wisconsin Association of Justice provides lobbying efforts to battle the forces of tort reform.  Many of the attorney’s at Herrick & Hart, S.C. […]

“I’m sorry” bill is ready for Walker’s signature

Under the terms of a new bill, ready for Governor Scott Walker’s signature, Wisconsin medical professionals will now be able to express condolences and apologize to patients and families when things do not go right following a medical procedure.  The bill would prohibit these remarks from being admissible as evidence of malpractice in potential future […]

Dangerous Dog Breeds

Dangerous Dog Breeds   Dogs are called man’s best friend.  Anyone familiar with dogs, knows that some breeds are more aggressive than others.  Other factors can sometimes weigh into a dog’s behavior including training and spaying/neutering.  In any event, it is always best to be careful around a strange dog.  Some insurance companies will even […]

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Man starts dog awareness group after dog bite death

An East Troy man, along with his wife, has started a non-profit campaign aimed at educating the public and spreading awareness regarding the danger of dog bites.  The couple’s son was killed approximately one year ago when the couple’s 14-month old infant was attacked by dogs while in the care of the family babysitter.  The […]

Neighbors advocate for speed bump after child’s death

A Milwaukee neighborhood is grieving after an eight year old boy was killed after being struck by a vehicle on a recent Sunday evening.  The boy allegedly ran between parked cars into the street before being hit.  The driver has been arrested and will potentially be charged with operating after suspension, causing death.  One of […]

Traumatic Brain Injury from Trauma

Traumatic Brain Injury or (TBI) is defined as brain damage that comes from trauma that is externally inflicted on the head.  Traumatic Brain Injury can  be caused by a wide range of incidents, such as; falls, car accidents, assaults and being struck in the skull by an object.  The causal relationship between a traumatic brain […]

Help With Your Bankruptcy

Among the many business services offered by Herrick & Hart, S.C. are bankruptcy services.  Brian Wright is our chief Bankruptcy attorney.  He is a former Trustee for the United States Bankruptcy Court.  Brian brings years of experience to the table when dealing with bankruptcy issues. Brian has helped numerous clients with Chapter 7 and Chapter […]

What is the automatic stay?

Money problems can ruin lives, families and relationships.  Being unable to pay the bills or take care of a family can be shattering.  Getting phone calls from creditors only adds to the problem, and can cause strained relationships with family and loved ones. However, once an individual files for bankruptcy, the automatic stay takes effect.  […]