Is a Truck Accident Different than a Car Accident?

When an accident involves a truck the results can be magnified due to the size of the truck.  A fully loaded truck weighs many times of that of the typical automobile.  With the size disparity between the truck and car, what may be a small collision for the truck may result in a large collision […]


Will a Person Who Causes a Car Accident be Punished?

This looks like a simple question, but depending upon circumstances it can have a complex answer.  Punishment comes from the criminal system of justice.  A Defendant in a civil action does not receive jail time or stiff fines.  However, depending up on the facts of the case where someone is injured there can be two […]

The importance of discovery during a divorce

The discovery process is one of the most necessary and important steps during the divorce process; however, many divorcing individuals may not be familiar with the discovery process.  Once a divorce petition is filed, both parties must submit financial disclosures to the court.  A financial disclosure is a listing of monthly income, monthly expenses, assets […]

The Law of Medical Records

In a recent seminar, the issue of medical records law was discussed.  Over the course of the years, the medical records professionals have had to deal with the advent of HIPAA.  The focus of my portion of the seminar was on a discussion of the law of the State of Wisconsin regarding medical records.  Personal […]

How Can I Afford to Take On the Big Companies in a Products Liability Case?

At Herrick & Hart, we typically offer a contingent fee arrangement on personal injury cases.  This means that the law office will not be sending you a monthly bill.  Instead, the law firm will front the costs to take on the big companies.  In the event there is a recovery or no recovery, the law […]


When You are Injured by a Dog

Whether you work with dogs on a daily basis or just at the wrong place at the wrong time, the fact is that anyone can become the victim of a dog bite.  A dog bite can lead to legal problems for the owner.  A typical homeowner’s policy in the State of Wisconsin will provide coverage […]

How Do Product Liability Claims Make Us All Safer?

A personal injury claim can take on a broader meaning than just compensation for the injured party.  By bringing a claim, the injured person puts the manufacturer on notice of a defect with the product.  The manufacturer then has to make choices how they want to defend the claim and proceed. History has shown that […]



Is a Manufacturer Automatically Liable for an Injury Caused by Their Product?

The short answer to this questions is “no”.  Liability is determined by the legal principles that control the case.  An injury in and of itself is not sufficient for liability to attach.  For example, if someone were to cut their finger with a carrot peeler, there is not likely to be a claim against the […]

Personal Injury Settlement Mills

There was a recent post in another blog about settlement mills.  These are law firms that require heavy advertising to generate clients.  They are known for quickly turning over cases and not investigating and fully developing the cases.  They are also known for not adequately performing legal research. You can rest assured that when you […]



Eau Claire County Drug Charges

If you or a loved one is facing drug charges in Eau Claire County, Chippewa County, Dunn County or any other county in Western Wisconsin, you want an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side.  A drug conviction can have a negative impact on a person’s life.  The consequences of a drug conviction can included […]