Personal Injuries from Dog Bites

The dog bite laws of Wisconsin make an owner strictly liable for damages caused by a dog bite or attack.  If a dog’s owner knew that the dog has caused damage previously, the owner must pay double damages.  Wisconsin Statute sec. 174.02 (1) (a) provides that “the owner of a dog is liable for the […]



ATV Accidents

The State of Wisconsin has thousands of miles of ATV trails.  An ATV driver has a duty of due care when riding an ATV.  This principle requires the driver to act reasonably considering the situation.  A driver of an ATV should keep in mind the machine’s speed and power when operating. An ATV offers no […]

I Was Hurt By an Old Piece of Machinery. Do I Still Have A Claim?

The law in Wisconsin has changed with respect to this question.  Wis. Stat. 895.047(5) provides that products liability claims are limited to products that are manufactured within 15 years before a claim accrues.  This may not prevent an injured person from bringing a negligence claim.   If you are injured by a product, you should […]


Do I Have a Products Liability Claim?

This is a difficult question for a lawyer to answer without knowing the facts surrounding the injury.  A manufacturer of a product has duty to produce a product that is safe for the user.  The product should also not create an unreasonable risk of injury when used in a foreseeable manner.  If you have been […]

Who Decides if My Personal Injury Case Should Settle?

An injured person hires a lawyer to assist them in their personal injury case.  At the end of the case, an injured person makes the ultimate call if the case should settle.  If the case does not settle, a judge or jury will make a decision as to the value of the case.  An injured […]

Dividing retirement benefits according to Wisconsin law

If you hold a retirement account and are going through a divorce, it is important to understand Wisconsin law when it comes to retirement benefits. Wisconsin is a community property state. This means that the court has liberal authority to determine a value of retirement accounts and decide the best way to split them between […]

Common methods of splitting retirement benefits in divorce

  Splitting retirement assets is one of the most challenging aspects of a divorce. It is extremely important to accurately appraise a retirement plan and ensure that it is divided fairly. There are currently two ways that retirement accounts can be divided in a divorce. The first way is through a qualified domestic relations order, […]

Will the Insurance Company Pay What is Demanded?

Each insurance company which insures a Defendant does their own evaluation of a claim.  An injured person should keep in mind in dealing with an insurance company that they are profit seeking companies.  The insurance companies have investors or stockholders who are concerned about the insurance companies bottom line.  The more money that the insurance […]

Stopping Distances

  Driving too fast is a major cause of car crashes.  A driver must adjust their speed based upon the terrain and road conditions.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you drive to stay safe:    Lookout —  Try to look far ahead when driving.  This will give you more time […]


How Long Will it Take For My Case to Resolve?

The attorney that you hire to represent you in your personal injury action will want to conclude your claim as soon as reasonably possible.  A major factor in determining when your claim can be valued is your medical condition.  A personal injury lawyer has to be careful not to settle a case before the full […]