Big Box Retailers

Home Depot and Wal-Mart are “big box”retailers.  Almost all of us, have been either to a Wal-Mart or Home Depot.  As places of employment, they are subject to the Wisconsin Safe Place law.  A typical “big box” retailer is filled with various activities.  At times throughout the day, the floors may be being cleaned or […]


I have been Injured in an Accident. How Much is My Claim Worth?

This is a question that personal injury lawyers are often asked by their clients.  The answer depends upon many factors.  Every injury has its own individual characteristics that will impact the value of the claim.  An injured person should not assume because their accident happened in certain way or because they have a certain type […]

Herrick & Hart Practices Throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota

The home office for Herrick & Hart is in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  However, we have attorney’s who travel throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We are committed to coming to meet with injured people and finding convenient times to discuss their case.  At Herrick & Hart, our experienced staff will work with the attorneys on your case. […]

Birth Injury from Medical Malpractice

The birth of a child should be a joyous occasion.  For parents this should be a time of hope and expectation.  However, in certain situations injury and even death can occur to a newborn due to medical negligence.  A birth injury can bring about financial havoc for the parents.  A birth injury can not only […]

Should Vehicles be Moved After an Accident Before the Police Arrive?

If you have been involved in a serious crash, the safest place to remain after an accident is in your motor vehicle.  If you get out of your vehicle, you risk being struck by other traffic coming by the accident scene.  You should also remember that after a serious crash you may not be thinking […]


Mild traumatic brain injuries can have permanent repercussions

Most people are aware that traumatic brain injuries, or TBI’s, may have significantly negative consequences. However, individuals who suffer a TBI often assume that since the injury is “mild,” they will be able to return to normal rather quickly. But a new report by the American Journal of Nursing suggests that this may not necessarily […]

Upcoming Seminar

Jay Heit will be a speaker at the upcoming seminar Plaintiff’s Guide to Dog Bite Litigation.  The seminar is a national seminar produced by NBI.  The seminar is available on webcast.

A History of Chiropractic Medicine

In representing the injured from car accidents and other types of injuries, chiropractic medicine is often used to treat the injury.  The decision to use chiropractic medicine is a personal one.  In some instances, we have seen medical doctors refer the injured to chiropractors for treatment. At the website Spine Universe, they have an article […]

What to Do If the Other Driver Threatens to Leave the Accident Scene?

After an accident, you may be confronted with a driver who wishes to leave the accident scene.  If the other driver threatens to leave the scene, you should advise them that they may be violating the law and advise them to stay.  If the other driver does leave the scene, this is out of your […]


When a Car Starts on Fire

Vehicle design defects, involving the structural design near the gas tank or the location of the gas tank can lead to fire and explosions that cause injury.  A car accident or rollover can result in damage to the fuel tank or fuel line.  A classic example of this type of defect was in the Ford […]